We are a clinic where we fit differently

Alfonso Amado - La Ruta Azul


A route personalized for you and the little one with the best specialists

– Neuropaediatrics
– Speech therapy
– Occupational Therapy
– Neuropsychology
– Pedagogy
– Nutrition

Our professionals are accredited in the application of the tests used for the Gold-Standard diagnosis of ASD: ADI-R / ADOS-2




– 3 fully equipped intervention rooms (physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy)

– 8 multipurpose offices (neuropediatrics, neuropsychology, pedagogy, nutrition, general paediatrics).

– Waiting room

– Adapted bathrooms

La ruta azul Equipment



– Own laboratory: rapid on-site diagnostic tests: celiac disease screening, analysis of iron deposits, thyroid, prolactin, allergies, vitamin D3…)

– PlusOptix: detection of refractive errors / vision abnormalities

– Tympanometry

– Ultrasound